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In contemporary times, refugees in Japan have been plagued with the perception that they are a burden to the community, this has resulted in several negative implications on this group of people living in Japan. One of the main negative effects this stereotype has on refugees is the fact that highly skilled labor from refugees tends to be underemployed.

Small Talk, Small Ideas is an initiative that has as main objective to create a platform that will make it possible for the discussion of little but powerful ideas of social innovation that you may have in the back of your mind. They hope to create a positive community of people imbued with the passion to change the society for the better and equally provided the necessary resources to help in the realization of these ideas.

This platform is open for everyone as long as they have something positive to share; that is as a contributor or if they are interested in listening to interesting ideas and opinions that might spark change in their minds, and equally give constructive feedback; that is as participants.

Every session takes about an hour, with one or two contributors who will speak for 10 to 15 minutes each preceded by an exchange of ideas and opinions.

The next session is termed “Untapped potential of highly-skilled professional refugees/migrants in Japan” and it will take place from 4 pm to 6 pm (Japan time), on May 17th (Sunday) 2020.

In this session, the contributors will be The founder and CEO of Discover Deep Japan Corp. Seira Yun, COO: Mayu Tatsuki and a Refugee who works at Discover Deep Japan the founder of Discover Deep Japan Corp., who will be introducing some examples of the situation of refugees in Japan and issues surrounding them, especially the underemployment of highly-skilled professional refugees.

Organization Name: Discover Deep Japan Corp.
Introduction: We will talk about the situation of refugees in Japan and the issues surrounding them, especially the underemployment of highly-skilled professional refugees. We will then introduce a social innovation project, Discover Deep Japan, through which refugees utilize their language and professional skills to revitalize rural Japan through digital marketing. With the participants of Small Talk, we would love to discuss how refugees’ untapped talents can be transformed into viable solutions to problems faced by rural Japan and how we can shift the narrative so that refugees are considered contributors rather than a burden to society.

■Fee: 1000 yen(500 yen for students)

※ Please pay the fee in advance via Peatix.(https://peatix.com/group/76198/

■ Date and Time: 4:00pm~6:00pm, May 17, 2020 (Sunday)

■ Place: Online session using Zoom

Part of the proceeds from this event will be given back to BOUNDLESS (http://boundless.international/introduction)

★ Small Talk is a knowledge-sharing event supported by Next Stage that provides a chance to talk with the people from various industries through interesting themes whilst sharing a good meal.

● Email: small.talk20170401@gmail.com

● Small Talk: https://www.facebook.com/smalltalkonline/