Head of Office - Niigata Office

Job Description

About Us

Discover Deep Japan is a social enterprise that envisions a society where refugees and migrants are no longer underemployed, marginalized, or discriminated against. We seek to achieve this goal by connecting refugee/migrant talent with the demand of depopulated rural towns in Japan; revitalizing the communities through tourism and destination marketing.

What we look for – We’re looking for a Head of Office – Niigata with strong managerial skills to join our team based in Yuzawa, Niigata who will be responsible for the development of the office.

Key Purpose of the Role

  • Management of at least three employees of the office.
  • Health and safety of the workforce.
  • Carrying out and attaining the mission and the goals of the office.
  • Development of a superior workforce.
  • Development of the office’s business performance.
  • Development of an employee-oriented company culture that emphasizes quality, continuous improvement, key employee retention and development, and high performance.
  • Ongoing self-development and personal growth as an employee.

Main Activities:


Human Resources Management

  • Manage at least three Tourism Marketers.
  • Recruit, interview, select, hire, and employ an appropriate number of employees.
  • Provide oversight and direction to the employees in accordance with the organization’s policies and procedures.
  • Coach, mentor, and develop staff, including overseeing new employee onboarding and providing career development planning and opportunities.
  • Empower employees to take responsibility for their jobs and goals. Delegate responsibility and expect accountability and regular feedback.
  • Foster a spirit of teamwork and unity among office members that allows for disagreement over ideas, conflict and expeditious conflict resolution, and the appreciation of diversity as well as cohesiveness, support, and working effectively together to enable each employee and the department to succeed.
  • Consciously create a workplace culture that is consistent with Discover Deep Japan’s culture and that emphasizes the identified mission, vision, guiding principles, and values.
  • Lead employees using a performance management and development process that provides an overall context and framework to encourage employee contribution and includes goal setting, feedback, and performance development planning.
  • Lead employees to meet the organization’s expectations for productivity, quality, continuous improvement, and goal accomplishment.
  • Provide effective performance feedback through employee recognition, rewards, and disciplinary action.
  • Maintain employee work schedules including assignments, job rotation, training, vacations and paid time off, telecommuting, and cover for absenteeism.
  • Maintain transparent communication. Appropriately communicate organization information through office meetings, one-on-one meetings, and appropriate email, IM (Instant Messaging), and regular interpersonal communication.


Office Management

  • Manage the overall operational, budgetary, and financial responsibilities and activities of the Office.
  • Plan and implement systems that perform the work and fulfill the mission and the goals of the office efficiently and effectively.
  • Plan and allocate resources to effectively staff and accomplish the work to meet productivity and quality goals.
  • Plan, evaluate, and improve the efficiency of business processes and procedures to enhance speed, quality, efficiency, and output.
  • Make business decisions that are financially responsible, accountable, justifiable, and defensible in accordance with organization policies and procedures.
  • Establish and maintain relevant controls and feedback systems to monitor the operation of the department.
  • Review performance data that includes financial, sales, and activity reports and spreadsheets, to monitor and measure departmental productivity, goal achievement, and overall effectiveness.
  • Manage the preparation and maintenance of reports necessary to carry out the functions of the department. Prepares periodic reports for management, as necessary or requested, to track strategic goal accomplishment.
  • Communicate regularly with other managers, the CEO, and other designated contacts within the organization.
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities, as assigned.

Tourism Marketing

  • Support the Discover Deep Japan team in Niigata and other players to develop strategies, programs, and policies to promote tourism.
  • Develop community and regional networks to spread understanding of the benefits of tourism and support destination marketing programs.
  • Support the Discover Deep Japan team in Niigata to conduct research on the needs of tourists and analyse research findings to inform destination development and marketing planning.
  • Support the Discover Deep Japan team in Niigata to market and promote the region to increase the number of visitors by effectively using digital marketing tools such as SNS, blogs, etc.
  • Support the Discover Deep Japan team in Niigata to develop and deliver travel products (e.g. tours) for foreign visitors.

What you can expect:

  • A supportive, trusting and transparent working environment
  • A place to look at things differently and challenge and offer solutions
  • An opportunity to develop your entrepreneurial and managerial skills
  • An opportunity to deliver high-performing marketing activities
  • An opportunity to actively drive change in a fast paced, thriving and growing, unique culture
  • A place where you can relish in your passion and enthusiasm for social change
  • An environment of continuous improvement where you optimise for impact and velocity
  • Work-life balance (no over time, parental leave, flexible work arrangements)

About you

Interests and motivation:

  • Interests in social change and social entrepreneurship
  • Interests in the issue of refuge/migrant underemployment

Skills and Experience:

  • Fluency in both English and Japanese (other languages a plus)
  • Driver’s License (Japanese or International) preferred.

Application Conditions:

  • You never had legal residency in Yuzawa Town before.
  • You are willing to change your address from the Greater Tokyo Area or other large cities to Yuzawa.


Working Conditions and Benefits

Remuneration and benefits:

  • Remuneration: 3.5 – 6 million Japanese yen per year (based on your skills, experience, and performance)
  • Housing: Free company housing or 30,000 yen housing allowance per month
  • Discover Deep Japan will provide a car (to be shared with a colleague) for work-related activities. You can use the car for private movement, but will be charged by distance.
  • Discover Deep Japan will provide you with a computer to be used for your work-related activities.
  • Annual leave according to Japanese law.    


Application and Selection Process


Application Period – Until 31 December 2019.

Documents to be submitted – please submit the following documents to with the subject line: “Application – Head of Office Niigata – Your Name”

  • Letter of motivation in English
  • Essay in Japanese 「湯沢町の観光に活かしたい私の能力や魅力」 1000字程度 (A4で書式自由)
  • Resume in English
  • Resume in Japanese (履歴書、写真添付)
  • Copy of your residence certificate (住民票)
  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your Residency Card (在留カード) and work permit (foreign residents