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What is Discover Deep Japan?

Our Mission

Discover Deep Japan (DDJ) is a small social start-up on a big mission. We aim to build a more inclusive world. Many people, on the basis of factors outside of their control are excluded systemically, socially, culturally, religiously and economically. DDJ hopes to rid of these exclusionary practices through social media marketing, one post at a time. How? We partner with small Japanese towns and provide quality digital content. The content is multilingual, inclusive and encompasses the voices and experiences of a diverse team, made up of migrants and refugees supported by talented Japanese staff.

A Social Issue

Skilled global talents continue to be excluded from the entirety of Japan’s workforce despite a shrinking population and strides toward globalisation. 

People from all over the world come to Japan to live and work. In spite of their education and previous work experience, employment opportunities are limited. This is due in part to negative attitudes toward foreign workers, language barriers and precarious legal status.

At the same time, Japan’s rural areas face an uncertain future as depopulation is on the rise.

Our Approach

We harness the language and professional skills of Japan’s diverse population to revitalize rural areas in decline.

Discover Deep Japan fosters a unique environment where we can directly address both the underemployment of talented foreigners and work to revitalise Japan’s countryside areas. Our talented multilingual staff have the language ability, skills and insight to promote Japan’s small towns to an international market. We work and live within local communities and provide tailored digital marketing services to attract foreign tourists and foreign customers for locally produced products.

Our Culture and Values

Diversity, inclusion and belonging
Multiply our impact

  • Collaborate to win
  • Success through innovation
  • Life first, work second

Our Impact

Discover Deep Japan is currently working with ten municipalities and eight local organizations and businesses to revitalise depopulated communities. 

We Are Committed To Recruiting And Retaining A Diversity Of Individuals.

Our global workforce is made up of people from all different backgrounds, nationalities, genders, ethnicities and other facets of identity. We actively foster a supportive, strengths-based environment where inclusivity is the norm and everyone has equal opportunities for success. By partnering with local communities we hope to shift negative perceptions of migrant talents and promote further social cohesion in Japan.


Discover Deep Japan uses digital marketing to create social cohesion. We work to make Japanese products, communities and companies more inclusive and accessible for all.

Do you have a problem needing a digital solution?  Our tailored services, delivered by our highly skilled team can help. Our services include:

Translation and Interpretation

Social Media Account Management

Content Creation

Influencer Marketing Tours

Consultation and Workshop Hosting

Diversity And Inclusion

Website Management & Creation

Professional Photography And Videography

Meet The Team

Seira circle-cropped
Seira Yun, Founder and CEO

Seira Yun is a migrant and a pansexual social entrepreneur, husband and father to a charming son with years of experience across countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia leading teams within the ICRC, UNHCR, and social ventures.  Seira has a passion for social justice and basketball.



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Haruno Nakajima, Sales Representative

After Haruno received a Diploma in Social Service Worker for Immigrants and Refugees in Toronto, Canada, she worked for a student agency for 3 years. After she came back to Japan, worked for a refugee assistance agency , and joined Discover Deep Japan later. She is fluent in Japanese and English.

Kwokhei Profpic circle
Kwow Hei Shum, Creative Director

Born and brought up in Hong Kong, Kwok Hei studied in University of the Arts London after a few years working in an academic library and obtained a master level diploma. He worked as a freelance photographer, translator and article writer for five years after graduation and joined DDJ afterwards. He is fluent in Cantonese, Chinese, English and Japanese.

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