Mowatarizawa Bridge


DDJ’s Yuzawa team is currently made up of 5 talented individuals coming from America, Cameroon, Mongolia, Italy and Japan. Our team is multilingual and multi-talented with everyone bringing their own unique professional experience to the team. In Yuzawa our team works closely with the Yuzawa Town as well as the Snow Country Tourism Association across 3 different prefectures and 7 different towns. Our work in Yukiguni (Snow Country) consists of social media platform management, tourism advisory services, consultation and seminar hosting, influencer marketing, custom website building. DDJ Yuzawa is proud to be supporting the regional revitalization efforts of Yuzawa Town.


Working closely with Asakura City, our Fukuoka based team is made up of four hard working individuals hailing from Hong Kong, Japan and Tunisia. In Asakura our team is busy managing both the official website and social media networks of the Asakura Tourist Association and also assisting in managing and planning tours in the region. Notably, our team in Asakura has brought several prominent influencers to the region for social media marketing. Our Asakura team continues to work tirelessly on making Asakura an inclusive location for all visitors.